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DENT token Partners with U2opia Mobile to connect Mobile Data Marketplace with 12 new Mobile Operators in Africa, Indian Subcontinent and Middle East — Steemit

If you haven't heard of DENT listen up! Its the best kept secret of HitBTC's and Etherdelta's growing collection of early ICO's turned full token. The market cap is not unreasonable and yet you can still buy 100k for around $50 USD! But it might have been overlooked, easily confused for DNT and a previous joke coin called Do Nothing Token. DENT though is quite real and the project just took a huge leap in the right direction.

Customers of 12 leading operators in Africa, Indian Subcontinent and Middle East to be enabled to use mobile data as awarded to them by DENT token and the DENT Mobile App, starting Q4 2017

To summarize, DENT applies blockchain technology to the mobile data marketplace. If you have traveled internationally, perhaps you know the rigors of messing with calling cards and wish there had been something like this a long time ago. But what if instead of the one buying up the cards you were the one making money from everyone else?

By partnering with previously established mobile networks, DENT has picked up all of U2opia’s mobile operator partners: MTN, Glo Mobile, Etisalat and, Airtel in Nigeria, Robi, Grameen Phone and BanglaLink in Bangladesh, Hutch, Mobitell, Etisalat and Airtel in Sri Lanka and Ooredoo in Oman. Doesn't seem like very many globally at first, but the Singapore company has a much deeper pool of operators and one billion customers world-wide!

The timing is looking fairly good right now:

The big 3 coins are pulling the market up and DENT seems to be finding its bottom. All that is left is for people to find DENT. It may be a long hold, but its very low risk in proportion to the current price with a lot of potential!

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