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DeFi Driving Chainlink’s Link Token to Record Highs

Chainlink’s link token jumped to record highs on Monday, far surpassing bitcoin’s returns since the start of 2020. The ever-increasing use of Chainlink’s price oracles in decentralized finance (DeFi) is driving the cryptocurrency higher, according to analysts. 

The 12th largest cryptocurrency by market value clocked a lifetime high of $5.72 at 11:45 UTC (7:45 a.m. ET) and was last trading at $5.65, representing over 200% gains on a year-to-date basis.

Meanwhile, bitcoin is down more than 50% from its lifetime high of $20,000 reached in December 2017 and has gained only 29% so far this year, according to data source Coin Metrics. 

The link cryptocurrency has decoupled from bitcoin, the crypto market leader. Observers are associating link’s massive rally with Chainlink’s increased usage in the decentralized finance space. 

“We’re attributing this short-term price spike to Chainlink’s scaled usage in the DeFi space,” said Vance Spencer, co-founder of Framework Ventures, which is one of the largest private holders of link tokens. “The market cap for DeFi projects have quintupled in the last half year, and most of the ecosystem is now relying on (or planning to rely on) Chainlink for connecting on-chain DeFi smart contracts to off-chain data feeds like commodities and crypto price data.“

Meanwhile, Simon Peters, crypto market analyst at investment platform eToro said, “The crypto asset has been displaying a bullish trend for some time now, with Chainlink making all the right noises by partnering with a number of projects in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space.” 

Chainlink is a system of oracles built on top of the Ethereum blockchain that supplies data to decentralized blockchains. For example, if two users bet on the outcome of a binary event, the oracle will tell the smart contract which user won, so it can pay the winning bettor.

With Chainlink, the advantage is that it supplies data to smart contracts in a...

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