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Decentralized exchanges are taking over - Centralized exchanges are doomed.

I've made a new video where I talk about the recent trends and events in the crypto world, and how money is flowing from centralized platforms to decentralized ones: [\_SC0\_cyBfk]( We are going to speak about the regulations that are going against the biggest exchange "Binance" and all the restrictions that Binance started doing on their users while demanding them to complete a KYC verification process. I will share my thoughts on how all these actions are going to affect the crypto ecosystem and the flow of tokens and money in the different systems. We will also talk about the ongoing investigation on Uniswap Labs Inventor / Developer. Countries are tightening the regulations on Centralized Exchanges and also trying to do the same with decentralized exchanges and protocols (much harder). We will also see some charts of exchanges wallets reserves and outgoing transactions in order to understand the trend of money flowing from centralized exchanges to private decentralized wallets and decentralized exchanges. Will be more than happy to hear your comments regarding this subject. Johnny :)
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