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Decentralized Crypto Exchanges Report Record Volume and Draper Goren Holm’s Totle Will Help You Find the Best Prices

LOS ANGELES & DETROIT--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In the current, extremely volatile market, the biggest winners seem to be the exchanges. With many, including our very own Tim Draper, completely exiting the traditional market for cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, the volumes for all exchanges, especially decentralized crypto exchanges (DEXs), are seeing all-time record volume numbers.

Totle, a Draper Goren Holm portfolio company, has been laser-focused on developing an advanced order routing system that finds the absolute best combination of orders to get the most value for your cryptocurrency tokens.

Today Totle has announced a brand new product that enables anyone to buy and sell tokens at the best price guaranteed across the DeFi space and allows any company or individual to easily integrate this product into their website or app.

Three New Features to Totle Swap Technology

1. The Best Price Across the Entire DeFi Market

Totle now shows you how their prices compare to the rest of the market. You can now see how much you’re saving live with price comparisons.

Visit the new Totle interface and trade for FREE:

2. A Swap Mechanism Optimized for Desktop and Mobile

Any website can now instantly add aggregated token swaps in a matter of seconds and enable their customers to get the best price for ERC-20s without actually building a trading experience from scratch by utilizing the industry's most user-friendly swap mechanism. Totle's new design allows users to undergo the smoothest desktop and mobile trading experience and site owners to easily duplicate its layout onto their web interface.

The Totle Widget allows you to customize which assets are tradeable, earn fees (also customizable), and gain deeper insight about your users by tracking their trading activity.

Build with the new Copy & Paste Widget and API here: Totle Documentation

3. Live Advanc...

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