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Decentralized Blog Contest

Hello everyone, We recently [released a blog template]( that allows any user to create and deploy a blog to **IPFS** in a few minutes. To celebrate, we are launching a competition to reward the top **15 decentralized blogs** from a pool of **$1,500** **Ethereum**! **Rules:** 1. [Create]( a decentralized blog using our template. 2. Comment your .crypto blog on [this Twitter post]( **before** **June 24th 9 AM EST**. 3. 15 winning blogs will be announced on **June 25th**. Each winning blog will receive **$100** in ETH. *Feel free to write about any topic you are interested in.* **How can I create a decentralized blog?** We have a [video]( and a [text guide]( that explains how you can create a decentralized blog with a few clicks. [**Don't have a .crypto domain? You can grab one for free by participating in this giveaway with Opera.**](
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Card Reprints and Prestiging

As Gods Unchained grows, so will the demand for cards. With reprints in mind, we're looking at ways to ensure original sets retain their special status.