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DataBrokerDAO joins the Sigfox Partner Network, a major IoT network provider.

DataBroker DAO joins the Sigfox Partner Network

DataBroker DAO is excited to announce that it is the newest member of the Sigfox Partner Network. Joining the network is an important step in bringing sensor manufacturers, sensor owners and Sigfox, a global infrastructure provider of network connectivity for IoT, closer to the DataBroker DAO ecosystem.

The partner network of Sigfox brings together some of the world’s most innovative companies in IoT sensor technology. The network consists of more than 500 component and end product manufacturers with thousands of products and more than 200 service providers supporting the development of innovative sensor technologies.

The users of the Sigfox partner network are creating and selling sensors for everything from automotive & fleet management to smart cities to agriculture (see 8 themes below).

The themes in focus within the Sigfox partner network are a fantastic match to the types of data that data buyers on DataBroker DAO are looking for.

By joining the partner network of Sigfox, DataBroker DAO aims to provide fellow partners (and their clients), who are creating and deploying cutting edge sensors, a direct and transparent path to data monetisation. How exactly they use the proceeds is their call. They can either bank the proceeds to improve their profitability, reinvest in additional hardware or purchase additional data available on DataBroker to gain further insights.

For smart city initiatives in cities within the coverage of the Sigfox network, DataBroker DAO can provide a jump start on getting sensor owners involved and the entrepreneurs in the city fully engaged in building value adding services making their city smarter, happier and enriching the lives of their citizens.

Whether you are a sensor manufacturer, a sensor owner or a potential buyer of data, please be sure to stop by the DataBroker DAO booth at the upcoming Sigfox W...

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