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Danish Startup Media Sifter Uses Ethereum To Change How We Consume News

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Copenhagen-based startup Media Sifter is looking to transform the news media industry using blockchain technology and the wisdom of the crowd.

Media Sifter’s news aggregator, which is set to be launched in alpha in October, will be built on top of a community that validates aggregated content through blockchain-powered user consensus, enabling users to better “navigate through the noise and bias of the current media landscape.”

Article view, Media Sifter news aggregator (alpha)

“The advent of the internet has led to a soar in publications, generating lots of good content but also a lot of noise. Excessive amounts of time are required today to critically consume news,” Ezequiel Djeredjian, Media Sifter’s communications lead, told CoinJournal. “In addition, the attention economy business model that pays for clicks rather than quality content, plus biased and agenda driven journalism has caused historical lows on readers’ trust on media.”

Media Sifter aims to solve these issues by utilizing the crowd to investigate anyone’s content, and allow people to access multiple opinions on any story.

Media Sifter will pay for contribution and reward users who bring evidence to back up claims on the platform. The platform will also be censorship resilient.

Media Sifter started in 2015 at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design by CEO and founder John Ferreira while investigating how one could prevent misinformation and disinformation in the media. Unable to find a solution that solved this problem, Ferreira decided to build his own platform that would help him and others consume news more critically.

Djeredjian said that unlike competitors who revolve around content creation, Media Sifter solely focuses on aggregating existing content and puts a “community-driven layer on top.” This approach not only allows users to consume content from day one, it also enables them to keep on reading their us...

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