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Daily Altcoin Discussion - October 11, 2017

Welcome to the Daily Altcoin Discussion thread of /r/EthTrader. *** The thread guidelines are as follows: - All sub rules apply here so please review our **[rules page](** to become familiar with them. The rules page is also linked in the announcement bar above. - This thread is intended as a welcome place for discussion of all non-Ethereum related crypto. *** Resources and other information: * Newcomers who have basic questions about Ethereum can find answers by visiting /r/EthereumNoobies or our Ethereum Education wiki page, [see here]( * To view live streaming comments for this thread, [click here]( Account permissions are required to post comments through *** Enjoy!
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Rumours Surrounding Tether and Evergrande

🚨🚨 Evergrande Update - this time with Tether. Boy-oh-boy have things gotten interesting... Caveat up front: this is a theory that has begun circulating in bits and pieces. Below I've tried to summar...
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⟠ Latest Week in Ethereum News!

⟠ Latest Week in Ethereum News!2️⃣ @Arbitrum $2.6 billion TVL🏗️ @optimismPBC EVM equivalence in October💯 Vitalik Time 100 most influential to @CelerNetwork for making th...
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The Future of Optimistic Ethereum

It feels like a lifetime ago that we released a unicorn pig hybrid into the world. Today, we’re unveiling our most significant improvement to Optimistic Ethereum since its inception. This is a…