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CSW has targeted u/vbuterin with one of his legal letters. There's nothing I would love to see more than Vitalik tear down his fraudulent claims in open court. In the meantime, we stand together as a community against this toxic influence on the broader crypto community.

Computer scientist Dr. Craig S. Wright is ratcheting up his legal fight against a defamatory campaign led by conflicted crypto critics.

On March 29, Dr. Wright, the individual behind the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym and part of the team that created Bitcoin, filed legal papers targeting the individual behind the @Hodlonaut Twitter account. Hodlonaut was accused of waging a “targeted campaign” to harass and libel Wright with “highly defamatory and abusive tweets.”

On April 12, Wright’s attorneys issued similar legal papers to two individuals – Bitcoin podcast host Peter McCormack and Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin – and to cryptocurrency blog Chepicap, all of which he accuses of making similarly defamatory claims that Wright is a fraud for claiming to be Satoshi.

Conveniently enough, mere hours before his papers arrived, McCormack publicly (via Twitter) ‘demanded’ to be the target of such a lawsuit. McCormack subsequently told his Twitter followers that the letter from Wright’s attorneys was “nonsense,” repeated his ‘Faketoshi’ slur against Wright and invited Wright’s attorneys to “please proceed with court proceedings.” As for that latter quote, word has it that McCormack’s request will be granted on Monday.

Buterin has so far said little publicly about receiving his letter, while Chepicap has posted a few dismissive articles that primarily referenced the other recipients. All of those who received letters on Friday have been given until April 23 to make formal responses, after which Wright will decide whether to proceed with libel and harassment suits.

Wright’s aim in targeting individuals and sites alleging fraud is to counter the ongoing dissemination of ‘proofs’ that purport to show the falsity of his claim to the Satoshi mantle. These incorrect or invalid proofs, often cherry picked from documents that may or may not have originated from Wright, along with other hearsay and fabric...

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