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Crypto VS Gas VS Real Estate

Crypto have real products, in term of software products. Absolutely no reason to invest in gas or real estate at this point. most big countries now rely heavy on battery vehicles and the US pumping out gas/fracting hard! In california around 15 more years all new vehicle can't use gas. low price don't mean it's going to pump later, gas is a dying industry. Most economies like the Britain is sliding down the path of lockdown once again which brings up the opportunity for online businesses and jobs thriving like the casino platform which witnessed a shift during the last lockdown from offline to online gaming and gambling, platforms like [Earnbet]( got huge boost with increase token valuations and players, nice incentives and lowest house edge as well as other industries eg pharmaceutical, medicine. Real estate is currently at an all time high in the US. no reason to buy house 400k in a couple years later worth 200k. Cryptocurrency investment still Trump all other investment put together. Happy 12 years to Bitcoin idea origination. Cheers.
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