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Crypto trading Do’s and Do not’s

***DO's:*** * Always set your final goal before the trading. Once you reach the goal, don't hesitate or change your mind. Stick to the plan. Always. * Always use "stop-loss." It doesn't have to be automated, you can do it manually. A "Stop-Loss" means "If the price drops/rises to "that" point, my technical analysis was wrong and I need to make a new plan." Use stop-loss or else. * Have a trait for yourself with your profit to understand the power of those magic green numbers. It will help you to lower your greed. * Always plan your trade before actually doing it; have your targets and stops. It will be hard (and most possibly inaccurate) planning after starting the trade. * Always have a solid fundamental analysis. You need to know and understand what you are buying. * Try to involve in new mechanics of the ecosystem. Real profit is lying there. Just be careful and do your fundamental analysis beforehand. * Having steps to your final goal helps; regular cash outs can help you to maintain your principal money. * Start with small money. You will lose small and learn big. ***DO NOT's*** * Ever, never, ever trade while drunk or stoned. You will definitely make huge mistakes at some point (lost %20 once, because of a simple mistake - missclick). * Don't trust yourself too much, especially if you are a newcomer. We are in a bull run and everything goes up. You are not *that* smart. It's the trend. * Don't trade against the trend. * Never invest with a loan money. Its logic is in contradiction with the idea of investment. * Never put more money than you can afford to lose. Before putting in money, assume "it's gone." * Don't even consider margin trading before getting real professional. Even professionals get easily liquidated with margin. And this is crypto market. You don't even have a chance to get lucky multiple times. * Don't trade an asset if you don't understand or know the fundamentals of it. It will lead you to fail. * Don't presume about prices as "t...
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The “economist” who is behind USA regulatory attack on crypto is the same guy who crashed the economy in 2008! Gary Gorton whose paper compares crypto to wildcat banking, was in AIG and devised faulty models that failed to account for mortgage defaults, leading to a $185 Bn Taxpayer bailout of AIG.

Thread by @twobitidiot: 1/ What if I told you the “wildcat banking” line of attack Biden appointees have been levying towards crypto came from the same source? Former AIG “expert” economist, Gary Gort...