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Crypto Savings Accounts To Get You In The Game Next Year

Similar to traditional finance’s bank savings accounts, crypto firms across the ecosystem offer a savings plan for users who’d wish to earn passive income on their crypto assets. Crypto savings accounts in some cases can allow you to earn absolutely legit interest rates of 20% APY and more on your crypto assets by simply staking them with a service provider. BlockFi BlockFi offers its Interest Account to all registered users allowing you to earn up to 9.5% APY on your staked crypto assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, etc. The crypto savings account has no minimum balance and no hidden fees. The interest rates accrue daily and are paid every month directly to your wallet. AAX Exchange Asia-based AAX Exchange is a privately held digital asset exchange leading crypto adoption in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2021 it announced its own crypto savings platform offering the highest rates on crypto savings with users earning up to 60% APY on their assets. 7-days fixed savings product. [Midas.Investments]( Midas is the custodial crypto-investment platform founded in 2018 focusing on producing passive income on the core assets, and DeFi market. It has managed to accumulate over 18,000 investors and raise more than $22 million in assets. The platform uses different models of volatility prediction, correlation, strategies, collateral asset models, and hedging, allowing it to provide high interests rates on the market - up to 23%. Celcius Network Celcius Network offers considerably high rates but lacks full transparency on how the interest rates are calculated. The interest rates are paid according to loyalty tiers ranging from 2.02% to 17.78% on 14 different cryptocurrencies. The network starts paying interest every week and you can withdraw at any time you wish. []( The saving accounts are ranked in tiers with specific tasks required to start saving on the platform. Its Earn feature offers rates from 0.5% ...
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