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Crypto digest.

How to keep updated? Read all news sites? You'll drown in a sea of information noise. To filter mercilessly? You'll lock yourself in an echo chamber. Let others filter? You'll lock yourself in *their* echo chamber. One solution is to read [Wikipedia's digest.]( It's short (about 30 lines of text for a month's news), but unbiased. Does anybody aware of similar projects for crypto news? Something short and unbiased?
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What Is DeFi: Beginner's Guide

The article answers the question "What is DeFi?" and explains the structure, distinctive features and benefits of the decentralizec finance ecosystem.
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Bullish. Bullish indeed.

This was deleted before, I don't know why. Perhaps I have not written enough content. Or someone was offended by the simplicity of my idea. I am no pro trader, but I know there are fractals and certai...