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Crypto Analyst Predicts a $14,000 Extreme Bull Run For Ethereum in Q4 2021

Ethereum records new highs. Crypto analyst says Ethereum is just getting started. ETH could reach $14,000+ soon if it follows the 2017 trend.

As the year is nearing its end, many analysts are already drawing a picture of what may or may not happen this 4th quarter. They are also speculating what 2022 holds for the crypto community. On that note, crypto technical and on-chain data analyst — Mathew Hyland, is very optimistic about Ethereum and we are here for it.

According to the Bitcoin hodler and trader, Ethereum is just getting started. Well, seeing the way the crypto market is rallying for most of these altcoins, we can expect to see ETH break more barriers. Be it as it may, everyone has their varying opinion about the crypto market at the moment.

While many are predicting a big swing, some are feeling the bullish market will eventually dive into a deep plunge that the crypto community may never recover from.

Coming back, Hyland believes ETH’s extreme move is coming. More so, he envisions ETH moving to $14,000+. For instance, in 2017 Ethereum topped at $1.272 to $1,290, and as such, if it repeats in 2021, then the price will pump.

The tweet got people talking about Ethereum. Some are with him on his opinion, with one comment saying that “all you guys doubting, act like it never happened before. Until now everything repeated so the rest must have a different outcome than your POV [point of view].” He continues by saying that he is with Hyland on his prediction.

Another says he has a $40,000-$50,000 target in mind but he won’t really believe it unless a 2013-2014 bull style run with two major peaks happens. Additionally, one visionalist opines that Metaverse ‘Meta’ is using ETH currencies. In addition, ETF’s launching for Ethereum (ETH) next year will make the price go parabolic.

Meanwhile, others feel there are better Layer 1 alternatives out there, and so, Ethereum may not reach such a target. Likewise, another ...

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