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Cornucopia HORN Airdrop for IGNT Holders


How to receive your airdrop

Wallets with more than 100 IGNT will automatically receive an airdrop of HORN tokens that is equal to 25% of the entire amount of IGNT held in those wallets.

So, if you have:

100 IGNT you will receive 25 HORN 500 IGNT you will receive 125 HORN 1000 IGNT you will receive 250 HORN etc.

HORN is being sold during Cornucopia’s token generation event at 0.10 USD per token, so this is a significant airdrop.

If you do not have quite enough IGNT to benefit from this airdrop, then you are able to acquire more via or

Please NOTE that IGNX holders will NOT receive the airdrop — you must convert your IGNX to IGNT prior to the airdrop, by following the instructions available on the Ignite website.

Snapshot will be on June 15th at 12:00 UTC

The airdrop will happen before 20 June — we will not specify the exact date.

The Cornucopia Token Generation Event

Cornucopia’s Token Generation Event will launch on 15 June. Cornucopia aims to sell 200,000,000 HORN tokens for 0.10 USD each. Unsold tokens will be burned.

You can find out more about Cornucopia here:


White Paper:


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