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CoreX: Bringing Decentralized Governance to the Table

Governance Tokens are being created at rapid pace and being tabbed as a game-changer in the cryptocurrency industry. Allowing a fully decentralized platform with direct control by the community has been the most trustworthy build since Bitcoins inception. Decentralization seems to be the most trustworthy and sustainable option for cryptocurrency projects and offers a sense of transparency and control that everyday enthusiasts just aren't used too. Adding in the fact that a governance is now playing a huge role in factoring into the development of big name projects and en-devours, a perfect storm is brewing. CoreX looks to take this decentralized governance model and apply it in way that has yet to be seen to become that perfect storm. CoreX (CXF) is an ERC20 Token which plans to utilize decentralized governance from the beginning of the projects existence by allowing participants to dictate the tokens supply in what is being called a “Supply Determination Event" which will last for a period of 3 days and is currently running as I write this article. In order to contribute to the SDE, you connect your Metamask wallet with the projects site and use the menu to deposit up to 10 ETH after approving through Metamask. What makes this project different from other staking token farms is that it is 100% decentralized and the community is making a key decision in the tokens overall life cycle. Most contracts/crypto projects have a predetermined amount of minted tokens/coins or are infinitely available. ​ The initial contract will mint 1000 CXF. These tokens will be used to provide liquidity on Uniswap. Contribute ETH into the SDE to get ‘CXF/ETH LP’ tokens while also minting the only supply of CXF tokens according to the floor pric...
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