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Complete 3 Transactions in 1 When You Buy cDai with Totle

Complete 3 Transactions in 1 When You Buy cDai with Totle

Totle simplifies the trading process by handling multiple transactions for you.

Executing multiple swaps to acquire cDai is frustrating. This is a process that’s confusing for newcomers to cryptocurrency and tedious for experienced users.

By leveraging the power of smart contracts, Totle’s solved this problem.

The Three Transactions Required to Purchase cDai

cDai is a popular token that passively accumulates interest while being held in your wallet. To realize your gains, cDai is simply sold on the open market for its current, increased value.

However, purchasing cDai is not as simple as it should be. Users typically need to make up to three transactions, and that’s assuming that you’re holding ETH already!

Buying cDai follows this string of trades: ETH -> WETH -> Dai -> cDai

cDai must be purchased with Dai Dai must be purchased with WETH WETH must be purchased with ETH

This three-step process is rife with friction preventing people from easily purchasing and benefiting from cDai.

Execute Multiple Swaps in a Single Transaction with Totle

By aggregating decentralized exchanges and leveraging a suite of smart contracts, Totle can execute multiple swaps in a single transaction. This allows users to easily trade ETH directly for cDai with one click of a button.

Under the hood, the entire three-step process is managed for the user in a fully decentralized transaction.

Here’s how Totle handles the process:

Step 1: ETH -> WETH

Totle first routes your ETH to the decentralized exchange (DEX) offering the best price for an ETH to Dai conversion. Here the ETH is first converted into WETH.

Step 2: WETH -> Dai

Now that your order has been converted to WETH, it can be swapped for Dai at the best price available on the DEX market.

Totle now routes your order to the service offering the best pric...

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