Cold storage — vía only backing up see phrase?

self.ethereum8d ago
Hey all, I want to run my theoretical idea by you all. It’s for a long term cold storage solution, and tell me if there are any holes. My plan is to store most major tokens using various permutations of Trust Wallet, which I know is a hot wallet, but the idea is to store the seed phrases on paper and metal inside a safety deposit box, then uninstall the app. Is this the same as using a USB-based cold wallet solution? It’s my understanding the USB only functions as a way to store the keys, and I don’t know what encryption method Trust uses to generate their seed phrases, but I have to imagine there would be a way to unencrypt in the future even if Trust Wallet went out of business. Is there a hole in this reasoning? I don’t want you to tell me what to do. I want to know why, and for a clear breakdown and explanation.