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Coins vs. Tokens: Why the SEC Decision is a Step in the Right Direction - SingularDTV

Coins vs. Tokens: Why the SEC Decision is a Step in the Right Direction

By Zach LeBeau, CEO of SingularDTV

The SEC’s announcement that the DAO issued securities via its token is a step in the right direction. It will lead US regulators to better understand the cryptosphere and how to accurately categorize the different structures and activities that take place here. To come out against the DAO before other entities reflects a lack of understanding of what a token is — or could be — but serves as the beginning of their education into the technical differences between a coin and a token, because that’s what this will come down to ladies and gentlemen, coins vs. tokens. Of course lack of proper auditing and launch procedures, as well as how the DAO token was structured, made them low hanging fruit for regulators.

For the SEC to claim tokens as securities means that BTC and ETH — all crypto — are or can be considered securities. After spending large sums of money on various law firms and hiring a lobbying group in DC, SingularDTV has a unique understanding of the regulatory landscape in the United States. It is an influencing factor as to how and why we devised SingularDTV’s Economic Model.

SingularDTV is very fortunate to be a regulated enterprise organized in the most decentralized nation on the planet, Switzerland. It’s the perfect headquarters for our fiscal and administrative operation. SingularDTV devised its structure hand-in-hand with Swiss regulators via crypto valley law firm MME. It’s this kind of cooperation between government agencies and the private sector that allow for innovation and progress while at the same time instituting regulatory framework in the most organic and efficient way. One of the most innovative structures to come from this collaboration was SingularDTV’s CODE — our Centrally Organized Distributed Entity.

As mentioned above, we have hired consultants and lobbyists in DC to help with a strategy to adv...

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