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Coinbase adding ERC-20 token next... which of our favorite coins follow the guidelines?

The [guidelines Coinbase listed ]( early his November revealed that Coinbase is ready to add a new token to the exchange! Since Litecoin has been added to the exchange, Litecoin has “mooned” as they would say. Adding one of our favorite coins will have a similar effect. Considering Coinbase is rumored to be looking to add an ERC-20 token, which token do you believe follows the guidelines to be added to Coinbase?
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🚀 CYBR Token Customer Spotlight #3 🚀

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Ethereum network throughput under Shasper

The recent switch to implementing Casper (Ethereum’s version of Proof of Stake) alongside Sharding has led to many questions around the impact of the change and what it will eventually bring. I’ve…