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ClearPoll set for massive mainstream adoption by signing up stars with millions of fans to use their platform

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Everything you need to know about digital assets

The XDB token, also referred to as a digitalbit, serves three main functions on the DigitalBits blockchain. Asset tokenization refers to the process of converting the rights to an asset into a…
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Is Digital asset the new thing in Blockchain ?

In 2017, ICOs raised billions of dollars in capital. This drove tremendous enthusiasm for the future of blockchain. Yet, many are beginning to wonder when these cryptocurrencies and utility tokens…
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MPX is LIVE on Product Hunt!

MPX is a decentralized exchange simulation powered by MARKET Protocol, which enables users to experience the benefits of derivatives on the Ethereum blockchain. Easily trade MARKET Protocol contracts ...
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Picasso to be Tokenized

Blockchain-based art investment platform Maecenas has teamed up with crypto exchange and computer security expert John McAfee to conduct the first “perpetual” digitalization and tokeniza...
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Bearish on security tokens -- by Evan Van Ness

Bearish on security tokens One of the hype waves in blockchain is security tokens. As in ticketing, I’m skeptical that security tokens will lead adoption; rather I think security tokens may lag...