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China MOCKED On Twitter For Announcing They're Banning Crypto... For The 7th Time Since 2013!

Bitcoin was banned in China today - this followed the previous ban, which was enacted following the ban before that - which came after the first still-active ban.

Yes - the truth is that ridiculous.

To People New To Crypto "China Bans Crypto" Sounds Like An Important Story - But, It Isn't...

Every few months, China bans crypto. They've been doing it for years.

Not only is it a non-story because nothing changes fundamentally, but China has been announcing crypto bans for so long we have historical data to prove that Bitcoin's value passes every price-point they made these announcements at - a predicion we can believe will happen again, as it has been tested and re-tested several times over.

Actually, China does this so often, crypto-twitter waits on standby with memes ready for the occasion.  Let's let them sum up the situation...

Those were a few favorites, and on a day when you've watched a chunk of your portfolio's value disappear for such a ridiculous reason - all you can do is laugh and remember: it's always recovered!

Looking forward to seeing what memes people come up with next time - which unfortunately, we all know is coming. 

 -------  Author: Justin DerbekNew York News Desk

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