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Chat with an Ethtrader Top Mod: The Ethereum Foundation Should Be a DAO, Democracy Comes to Ethtrader and More

Carl Larson looks the part. A bit geekish, a coder, and in charge of what has become one of the biggest crypto community space.

Ethtrader has managed to remain a fun, lively, gathering zone. Plenty of memories there and a lot of memes which might explode if eth goes 324.

It’s a bit of bitcoin mixed with dogecoin. All that seriousness and revolutionary spirit, mixed with outright silliness.

As top mod and founder of Ethtrader, Larson has undoubtedly played a great part in facilitating this online festival. Ethereum just would not be the same without the Ethtrader Woodstock.

We caught up to find out a bit more and found there’s two interesting experiments going on which may have implications far beyond the crypto space.

How did you get to establish the donuts?

Carl Larson: Reddit approached the sub with the possibility of hosting the Subreddit Points experiment. I had previously explored a similar idea (first called ethtrader dao, then recdao) so was pretty open to the idea and it turned into a collaboration.

Did they offer anything in return for it?


So what do you do, what’s your background?

Most recently a full stack developer. Now I’m working on ethtrader/daonuts full time.

And how you pay for that?

Well, I don’t really.

But someone is? How you funding it?

No, it’s not funded, except now that 300k donuts/week, but that is not really possible to turn into real money at the moment.

That suggests close collaboration with reddit admins no? They the ones issuing the donuts, so you hired by them?

Not sure what you mean. I talk occasionally with reddit devs. I have my own source of funds I suppose that can last a short while for this.

Let me understand, reddit issues the donuts, you manage them. You get a % from that management I guess?

No I get an allocation for being a mod. 13k/week like any other mod… that’s the allocation of donuts that the...

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