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Certain Ethereum experts have pointed out, ETH, unlike BTC, is much more than an asset for transfers of value, or even a store of value for that matter.

What is the intrinsic value of ether? 

This is a question I’ve been wrestling with this past week as the ether price set a new all-time high of $1,439.33, according to CoinDesk’s price index.

Similar to how many view the current bitcoin price bull run as being credibly different from previous cycles for reasons to do with greater institutional involvement and mainstream interest, among other reasons, I get the sense that the valuation of ether by investors is being looked at this time around in a different light. 

The primary reason for why I believe ether’s valuation has shifted in fundamental ways this market cycle compared to previous ones is because this December Ethereum officially launched its parallel staking network, Ethereum 2.0. 

Pulse Check Jan. 20(Data as of 1/19/2021 @ 20:12 UTC) Source: Etherscan

If you’re new to Valid Points and the topic of Ethereum 2.0 in general, be sure to check out our 101 explainer on Eth 2.0 metrics to get up to speed about jargon and terminology used throughout this newsletter. 

The daily average income of Ethereum 2.0 validators in terms of ETH has been on the slight decline since last week. According to BeaconScan, average income has dropped over the month of January from 0.008063 ETH/day to 0.007768 ETH/day. In dollar terms, however, income has been on the rise given bullish price trends pushing the value of ETH up 66.03% year-to-date. 

User participation on the Ethereum 2.0 network has also been increasing at a steady pace of close to 900 new validators each day. There are over 65,000 validators, each staking 32 ETH worth roughly $45,000, at time of writing. An additional 16,000 validators are in a holding queue for entry into the network over the next few weeks. 

Because of the continued growth of new users on Eth 2.0, a greater percentage of total ether supply is getting locked away and becoming unusable on the original Ethereum blockchain. Roughly 2.4% of all ETH in c...

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