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CCN is shutting down due to change of google's algorithm

Dear readers,

Let’s get straight to it.

Google’s June 2019 Core Update rolled out on June 3th 2019 and CCN’s traffic from Google searches dropped more than 71% on mobile overnight.

Our traffic has experienced a massive impact by Google’s June 2019 Core Update. Image from

CCN’s visibility index on shows how our site was affected by Google’s Core Update.

As data from SEO analyzer Sistrix shows, our visibility on Google dropped from 1.2 to less than 0.6. You might say we ought not to face any issues since we’ve been at those levels and lower, in the past. What you need to realize is that we have added more people to the team, both full-timers and part-timers. We do not want to downsize the team, we do not want to break the morale of the team. So yes, this change by Google is directly having a significant impact on us as a small independent news organization that has never received any outside funding. The money we make made on advertisements was directly funneled back into growing the team.

Our daily revenue is down by more than 90%.

We have tried to find out why our stories are no longer visible on Google by asking for guidance in Google’s Webmasters Forum. While we appreciate the help of the experts from the Google Forum, their theories for why Google has decided to basically “shut down” CCN does not appear to be entirely accurate.

Why would simple fixes be the cause of the immense Google-listing drop, when other similar sites are experiencing the same blowback? The leader in blockchain news, CoinDesk, has experienced a 34,6% drop according to

CoinDesk has experienced an overall 34,6% drop on Google according to

Cointelegraph has experienced a drop of 21,1% on mobile. Fellow crypto publication’s admin wrote this:

Image from Google Webmaster forum.

Is This a Crypto Crackdown By Google?

The answer is both yes and...

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