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Can we start the conversation? Donut farmers, vote manipulation lets sort it all from the inside.

So we had the issue with people having possible multiple accounts, friends upvoting them and even groups upvoting each other. It hit some people hard (I myself took a break for about a month and a bit) some didn't seem to care but that's fine. I personally was a bit gutted due to trying hard to be active and comment but not just put low quality comments on every post possible and even though my activity was increasing a lot my donuts were not being that a large chunk was being taken by these groups. So the dust settles I come back to start being active again and bang donut gate 2 gets put up with even more evidence of more multiple account farmers. So what is the answer as one thing is we can not just assume and ban I know the evidence in all cases is very damning but it is up to Reddit to action bans for this. I'm not sure but think this is something the mods may have to flag to them (and we all know how good Reddit is at actioning anything for actual guilty people). So then I feel this is something that needs to be sorted from internally by us and the mods by agreeing to some measures to reduce this and also protect the people who are genuine. I am quite sure we don't want it to get the the extremes of r/cc but this is what will happen if we can not control the situation. Its been suggested before but I think it is in the Mods powers to have a reduction in karma the more posts you make (correct me if I'm wrong please) and also to hard cap the amount per user per distribution. I think 50 comments a day is more than enough to then have the karma reduced after and 50K donuts as this is still a hell of a lot but I would be willing to see that go to 75K I think 100K is too much though. (mainly as this is a huge amount and more than someone could naturally earn I feel I have been in the sub for 6 months (more than but very active for 6) and don't even have a total of 100K donuts. What are your honest thoughts on having things like this implemented? do you have a...
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