Can we improve the situation, that every 5th question is about staking?


While I generally like to help new people with their questions, I am kind of getting tired by the same staking questions being asked recently.

They go like "I have X ETH on Coinbase, how do I stake?" Or "Can I stake with the ledger? What do I do?"

Can we do something about these questions? Maybe add a pinned post at the top, with a basic summary of the most important points and links to research it?

I like this sub for many things, but it's trying to see so many staking questions when the answer most people provide is similar - and could essentially be copy pasted from previous threads.

Also, how can we encourage the askers to actually first read about staking on, Rocketpool etc. before asking here? I mean, 80% of my staking answers are just linking to the same Rocketpool and ethereum information. Like, can we encourage these people to do basic research themselves before posting?

What do you all think?