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Can I get a hot take on contributing my small stack to the ETH2 goal (2-3 ETH)?

Is it possible? I've been HODL'n since 2018 and it's just sitting there in my Gemini. Are there staking pools? Edit: hot take identified. thx y'all. No min staking on Bitcoin Suisse with a scheduled rollout by xmas.
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ETH whale tracker

Track and explore Ethereum whales in real time with ClankApp.
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DeFi Pulse Farmer Protocol Express

Welcome to the DeFi Pulse Farmer Protocol Express, a weekly recap of APYs and new pools on major protocols, and a weekly highlight on an emerging opportunity!
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eth2 quick update no. 21

Minimum ETH threshold hit 🎉; genesis on December 1st, 12pm UTC Get your nodes running! and monitor updates through genesis 👀 Eth2 genesis, December 1st. Get ready! This week, the deposit contract hi...
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Great bounce for cryptocurrencies

A day of reaction following yesterday's bearish move: today, much of the lost ground is being made up. It is a technical rebound for cryptocurrencies.