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(Bullish Sentiment) Will Cardano Overtake Ethereum? Crypto Trader Lark Davis says NO, "Ethereum is going to be the winner"!!!

Lark Davis is a popular crypto YouTuber. In terms of reliability, he is at least slightly better than BitBoy IMHO... What he says here actually makes sense! Source: []( Highlights: * Ethereum is maintained by the largest decentralized development community in the blockchain space. **Way ahead in terms of developer – like miles ahead of the nearest chain,** which is Bitcoin, an**d so far ahead of the other smart contract platforms** as to be barely even a relevant metric due to **Ethereum’s supremacy** in this regard. * Cardano, by contrast, \[is\] dirt cheap, fast as hell, **but you can’t really do anything with it right now** except just stake it. * I do subscribe personally to the one network, many chains theory, **but if I have to make a call, gun to my head, it’s going to be Ethereum. Right now and for the foreseeable future, I think Ethereum is going to be the winner…**
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