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Bought one Ethereum a couple years ago at $30 and forgot about it.

Hello everyone, I’m not really educated on the whole cryptocurrency thing at all. A few years ago, I remember someone telling me all about ETH and how it was similar to Bitcoin. Didn’t really think much of it but he swore to me just to buy at least one and I won’t regret it. At the time, that one ETH was about 15 bucks. This was back in 2017. I was a freshman in college. Then I just went on about my life. Eventually I needed some space on my phone, and I think I subconsciously deleted Coinbase. I saw the name here and there on Twitter and social media, but never really thought nothing of it. That is until a couple days ago. I saw the same friend who told me to buy that Ethereum at the mall and he reminded me. I was confused at first and then I remembered. He had a face of disgust after I told him I kind of neglected it after buying it. He started telling me all these things about how great it is and how I missed it going all the way up to 1k, etc. etc. But yeah long story short, just interested to see what’s the healthiness of it now. Is it like “dead?” Can I expect anything from the future ? Did everybody just sell when it got above 1k? Should I buy more?
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