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Bluzelle Announces Release of Bluzelle Bridge

Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp The First Automated ETH to COSMOS Relayer in Production

“📢 We are excited to release Bluzelle Bridge, the first automated ETH to Cosmos Relayer ever used in a live production environment. This relayer is fully compatible with the latest version of Tendermint/Cosmos. It is now deployed to the Bluzelle Soft Mainnet, allowing conversion from ERC20 to our native tokens in minutes and fully automated.“

Why Do We Need A Bluzelle Bridge?

Bluzelle has a dual-token system. While we have our own Bluzelle Chain that is based on Cosmos, we have to maintain the ability for ERC20 BLZ tokens to be exchanged with others. There needs to be a connector that allows secure, stable, and automatic conversion of tokens between the two networks.

However, there are limited tools out there that are at early-stage. We tried the most appropriate “off-the shelf” option — Peggy. The lack of stability and compatibility means it is not safe enough to be production ready. With our ambitious Mainnet schedule, we need a production-ready relayer that can support millions of transactions across Ethereum and the Bluzelle Chain.

As more chains are built on Cosmos, many blockchains have to perform token swaps. It is usually a manual process, requiring tedious checks with a high chance of errors.

The token swap is also a one-time process (a one-way atomic swap) in many of these cases. Once their assets are moved from Ethereum to Cosmos, they are completely out of the Ethereum ecosystem, which is a big barrier in driving adoption.


We see high demand for a relayer service that can connect both ecosystems, to allow movement in both directions. These are the reasons behind the birth of Bluzelle Bridge.

How Does Bluzelle Bridge Work?

Below are the diagrams that showcase the user flow of converting between the ERC20 BLZ and the native BNT tokens.

From BLZ to BNT

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