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Blockchain Technical Writer

Hi I'm Miniece and new to this community. I have known of Reddit at least 14 years ago and I look forward to delving into the Technical Writing world and learning more about Blockchain technology as a Technical Writer. Thank you
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Loopring 🧞‍♂️ on Twitter

A request for Ethereum weekend warriors1. Learn how Loopring 3.6 supports AMM on zkRollup by watching this technical workshop: Write the AMM contracts in solidity, submit to ...
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Stake-o-Matic Delegation Matching Program - Validators 🥩

We’d like to informally announce the Solana Foundation’s proposed delegation token matching program we’re calling the Stake-o-Matic Delegation Matching Program (“Stake-o-Match”?). The Foundation is c...
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Corruption on defi

I decided to publish this anonymously so that the message would not be dismissed as virtue signaling. Anyone who communicates this message would be rejected by the decentralized finance (“defi”)…