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Blockchain Bites: Ethereum’s Lifestyle Brand, Twitch’s Crypto Discounts and MakerDAO’s $1B Milestone

Twitch is offering discounts to subscribers paying in crypto, a federal court ruled bitcoin is money and R3 Corda’s blockchain is a big thing in Italy’s banking system.

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It’s Settled R3’s Corda blockchain is used by 55 (~85%) Italian banks for interbank reconciliation, speeding up the process of double-checking transaction logs. The country’s Interbank Agreement was updated in May 2019 to include data standardization opening a window for blockchain processes to be implemented. Using the old system, the average time for reconciliation was between 30 and 50 days. On Corda, reconciliation is completed within a day. Separately, BCB Group is launching a SWIFT alternative for instant cash-crypto settlements for several European currencies. 

XRP Purchases? Payburner is a new, non-custodial payments platform based on XRP that will work on the Chrome and Brave web browsers. Built as a labor of love by Ripple executive Craig DeWitt, the platform leverages Xpring, a Ripple project that provides tools and funding for developers and startups working with XRP. Released in beta, Payburner can be used to purchase goods online using the XRP cryptocurrency.

Twitch Hitches With Twitch is giving subscribers a 10% discount if they pay in bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash or litecoin. The Amazon-owned company, with around 3.8 million broadcasters in Q1 2020 and around 1.44 million concurrent users as of March 2020, announced the deal on Saturday. Twitch first introduced a cryptocurrency payment option in 2014, removed it in early 2019 and brought it back a few months later. The company uses the U.S.-based BitPay to process its crypto payments.

Decentralized Derivatives  FTX will launch an exchange for the growing DeFi space on top of the Solana...

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