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Blackmoon Crypto statistics on successful ICO, now BMC Token available in Exchanges.

Blackmoon Crypto successfully completed the token sale

Blackmoon Crypto completed the sale of BMC tokens on September 13th, 2017, 20 hours after the official start of the sale. The total amount received was just above $30,000,000 based on the exchange rates fixed six hours before the start of the token sale. All contributions exceeding the hard cap were transferred back in accordance with the Terms of Sale.

Distribution by users’ contribution share

Combined with the pre-sale participants there were 9,618 accounts, making on average 1.7 transactions. Individual contributions were limited to $1M during the main sale. There are two contributors with the share above 3.3%, thanks to their participation in both the pre-order and the main sale.

The token sale was truly a crowdsale, since three the largest contributors combined accounted for 11.9% and top ten for 27.2%. Most importantly, 69% of the funds were received from the accounts that contributed under 1% of total volume.

Blackmoon Crypto crowdsale gained substantial interest all over the globe with 135 countries taking part in it.

Top 20 countries out of 135 sorted by contribution

Based on the contributed amount the leading country is the United States, followed by Russia, Germany, and Japan. Portugal, France, Canada, Australia and Great Britain close the list of countries that accounted for more than 4% of the total volume.

User-wise the distribution is quite different. The United States is still leading followed by Great Britain, Australia, Canada and the Netherlands.

Blackmoon Crypto welcomes such a diverse community both in terms geographical and holding the distribution of tokens. Combined with the fact that the pre-order had the same price as the main sale, this creates a solid protection for token holders against coin flippers and whales that dump tokens while locking in profit from the discounts.

The token sale is only the beginning of our journey to ...

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