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BlackGold - The First Cryptocurrency Pegged to Oil - Perfect time to invest!

**BlackGold** *The First Cryptocurrency Pegged to Oil* ​ **About** In the exciting world of decentralized currency, there are frontiers yet to be explored. One of these is oil. Today, Oil and Cryptocurrency have joined in a revolutionary new cryptocurrency, BlackGold. Defined by the OPEC Reference Basket. Crafted by the ERC-20 Standard. Used by the decentralized net. [Whitepaper]( ​ **How is it maintained?** With a main focus on the OPEC oil market, BlackGold utilizes primary sources for both ​price​ and ​supply​ to adequately adjust it's official buying price and supply, hence creating a strong, reliable peg. ​ **What is the usecase?** Simple! * To popularize BlackGold as a New Way to Invest in Oil trends * By tying BlackGold to the OPEC oil supply, we are circumventing the typical effects of the interaction between supply and demand on cryptocurrency, which causes its massive fluctuations. Instead, BlackGold is a way to indirectly invest in new technologies related to oil, amongst other things. In order to popularize BlackGold, social media campaigns will be the main focus, with the secondary focus being put on supporting projects which utilize BlackGold, or are related to BlackGold and its goals. * To Create a Cyber-Based Platform for the Oil Market * BlackGold seeks to develop a platform where cryptocurrency investors can invest into the oil market, and where oil investors can invest into the cryptocurrency market in a safe way, where risk can be minimized. This exchange is a comprehensive solution to the lack of connection between the market of cryptocurrency, and the global commodity, stock, future and bond market. ​ **So why not stop by on our** [**Discord**]( **server or our** [**website**](**, and learn a bit more!**
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