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Bitcoin is Bigger than Donald Trump, Tesla, and Kim Kardashian

Bitcoin is Bigger than Donald Trump, Tesla, and Kim Kardashian (And other things we learned from Google Trends)

Jun 7

Google’s Trends function is like an eye into the subconscious of the world. The search habits of worldwide internet users show what people are interested in, and what information is driving discourse in communities—both organic and digital—around the globe. In fact, you could say what Google has stumbled upon with this clever little widget is a representation of what founding French sociologist Émile Durkheim dubbed ‘the collective conscience.’

In utilizing Google Trends, we found out some fascinating details about blockchain, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, particularly in regards to contextualizing all those phrases in the world-at-large. Recently, we queried search trends for essential phrases like ‘Blockchain,’ ‘Bitcoin,’ ‘Ethereum,’ and Cryptocurrency,’ but this time, we opened up the comparisons to some of the most searched terms in tech, politics, and culture all over the world.

Let’s begin…

Bitcoin vs. Donald Trump

A tight race for most of the past twelve months in worldwide search rankings, with trend dominance between Bitcoin and Donald Trump changing hands on 11 separate occasions. For most of the year, though, Bitcoin has maintained a significant lead on searches for Donal Trump.

Further, Bitcoin’s recent market upturn, however, has reignited interest in a way that Donald Trump’s seemingly waning interest can’t match.

Here’s that data spread over a map of the world…

As you may imagine, Donald Trump ranks higher in the United States and Canada, where his presence is ubiquitous throughout mainstream media. Interestingly, Trump also indexes highly in Ireland, New Zealand, and Denmark. ‘Bitcoin’ searches dominate in continental Europe, India, Brazil, and much of eastern Asia.

Now let’s mix things up a little more. What happens when you add one of the ...

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