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Bitcoin and Ethereum: A Rational Conversation Between Two Bulls

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7 ways to stop greed from losing you money

Greed. The emotion that new traders have no control over and experienced traders battle with on a daily basis. It's everywhere in trading. An inherent part of the environment. "Take as much as you c...
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district0x Dev Update - November 12th, 2019

In the past two weeks, development of the district0x project was relatively bi-modal. On one hand, we spent a considerable amount of time deep diving and troubleshooting some relatively minor, but…
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Building a Decentralized BitMEX with UMA Protocol

Key Summary BitDEX is a specification for a decentralized, permissionless margin trading platform to rival centralized counterparts such as BitMEX. The framework requires no centralized ... Read moreB...
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The Great Divide in Cryptocurrency: CeFi vs DeFi

By now the divide between traditional finance and cryptocurrency is well known. But within the cryptocurrency space another great chasm separates centralized finance (CeFi) and decentralized finance…
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BLOCKTV Announces BLTV ERC-20 Token Listing on Bittrex

BLOCKTV, a leading televised news outlet that’s dedicated to the crypto and blockchain sector, has announced that it would list its native token called BLTV on Bittrex Global on November 21, 2019. BLT...