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Beware of Enigma (ENG) e-mail scam

I just received the following, fancy-looking, formatted e-mail: > Hello, > So, what should I say? Ah, such a wonderful day it was! Seriously, the adrenaline frenzy was spreading everywhere! That was wild!. > The entire Enigma team is grateful for your contribution and your trust, and we are working hard to justify the incredible support you have shown us. > In the month since the sale, the Enigma team has been hard at work on our project and developing Catalyst, our first product and platform for data-driven crypto trading and investment. > So as many of you have already requested - here they are! Your tokens are here! Oh yeah! > Please click the following lnk and follow the instructions to receive your ENG tokens. > We know that building this vision for the future of data will be a challenging journey for Enigma, and we are grateful that you are standing behind us. To assist further, we are aggressively pursuing new partners by leveraging our experience, investors, and existing networks. We know that we must continue to move fast and outperform expectations. We are committed to providing our contributors and community with frequent updates about our partners, project and progress - please stay tuned for further news in the coming days and weeks. > Justifying your support with substantial progress towards our milestones is our highest priority. We’re proud to be a full quarter ahead of schedule on some major Catalyst development milestones, including live trading integration and minute-level data. Our latest developer update from today can be found here. > If you have not yet tried Catalyst, please visit to get started. For further updates from the team, remember to follow our Twitter and join our Telegram. > Thanks for supporting our project, and best wishes from Enigma! We look forward to building the future of data with you > The Enigma Team __The link to https://www.eni...
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More reason to stop using banks

One key prong of President Biden's plan to bankroll Democrats' $3.5 trillion budget plan is to monitor gross inflows and outflows from an individual's bank account.