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Plutus DeFi’s Lending Aggregator Enters Beta Testing — Now Live!

Want some insurance & privacy in your decentralized lending experience?

Plutus DeFi is excited to share that our lending aggregator is now open for beta testing!

Simply visit the Beta portal and start experimenting with our platform. We recommend limiting all deposits to under 10 DAI while testing and auditing are in process. Our contracts are deployed to mainnet and live!

This milestone brings us one step closer to fulfilling the DeFi community’s mission to ensure user-level privacy and market-level transparency for cryptocurrency users around the globe.

Read on to learn what makes our solution unique, how we plan to provide privacy, and where interested parties can sign up for beta testing.

Why does DeFi need another lending solution?

Plutus DeFi has developed the first decentralized aggregator lending solution to focus on ensuring the privacy of its users. This means you can conduct all your lending in one single place.

While other platforms have chosen to focus on solving important issues around problems like decentralization, we noticed a lack of effort being directed at another fundamental area of concern: privacy & insurance.

Our mission is to bring privacy to DeFi and releasing our lending aggregator for beta testing is a critical step toward achieving that goal, in the coming months Privacy will be at our core focus.

How does PlutusDeFi ensure privacy?

Our solution incorporates both on- and off-chain privacy solutions to provide users with anonymity during their decentralized lending experience.

Off-chain, we rely on onion-routing, virtual private networks, and bulletproof servers while on-chain tools include cryptographic encryption to provide anonymous addresses and transactions.

We’ve also partnered with leading...

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