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Best way to pay taxes on DeFi?

*Disclaimer asking for a friend totally not me* I have made some pretty decent gains off defi that I stuck into staking my own validators and want to make sure I pay taxes properly so that in the future when I go to sell all those coins I have a paper trail and the IRS does not give me any shit. Started using Koinly which would be fine, but when importing my metamask it just sees the CDP transactions as the eth fees paid, not the actual CDP balances at any given time. Basically, it is just flagging all of the gas fees as withdrawals and has no way to pick up on the transactions. I do not know if this software can figure out margin. To make things worse, defisaver seems to not list your actual fee paid or anything like that so it seems like it would be difficult to transfer into my own spreadsheet. I am just wondering if anyone else has dealt with preparing their taxes after using a CDP to buy on margin, if anyone had a recommended site to use, or tips for how they navigated it all.
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