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Best Crypto Portfolio Structure 2019 - How I Balance Bitcoin, Ethereum & Altcoins

Best Crypto Portfolio Structure 2019 - How I Balance Bitcoin & AltcoinsToday I discuss how a beginner should think about constructing a cryptocurrency portfolio. What is the right mix of Bitcoin, platform coins such as Ethereum & specific altcoin projects. It's all about risk to reward in this speculative asset class. I hope this video gives you some insights into how I think the best altcoins for 2019 & 2020 fit into your cryptocurrency portfolio.#Bitcoin #Altcoins #CryptocurrencyJoin our exclusive crypto community: the basics of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency: free weekly analysis delivered to your inbox: our premier weekly digest: 1-on-1 consulting with Alex?—👤 WANT MORE OF NUGGET’S NEWS? 👤What is Nugget’s News?’s News Crypto Podcast:—🔁 MY RECOMMENDED CRYPTO EXCHANGES & BROKERS 🔁Beginner:   •  CoinSpot:

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Bullish. Bullish indeed.

This was deleted before, I don't know why. Perhaps I have not written enough content. Or someone was offended by the simplicity of my idea. I am no pro trader, but I know there are fractals and certai...