Beijing banned cryptocurrency trading but embraces blockchain, I wonder why that might be.

self.ethereum1m ago
That is right the Beijing doesn't want cryptocurrency anywhere near its borders, but blockchain, they can't have enough of it. Now if you are thinking well crypto is based on blockchain if they don't trust the technology why would they use it inside of their courts (and yes their supreme court uses a blockchain based sistem for information storage and exchange and all the other courts will start using it). The answer is they know perfectly well how good Blockchain is however, decentralized money, that is not something they are going to let slide. Control is the key word. With blockchain integrating into every sphere of tech and industry and commerce from telecommunications to space tech, supply chain, health care, Energy (World Mobile Token, WePower, Giant, SpaceChain) they and the rest of the world understand that this technology is something that will give the edge to anyone that uses it and in that case they view it as just an ordinary piece of tech. However when implemented into something like BTC or ETH it gives too much power to the user, well then the governments change their opinion, all of a sudden it becomes something dangerous and unpredictable, something that can be used to fund terrorism and drug cartels and we don't want any of that. Do we ?