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Bancor V2.1 is now live on ETH mainnet. LPs can now stake with single-sided AMM exposure, while earning fees & protection from impermanence loss

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Introducing xSigma DeFi

Despite the enormous potential offered by defi, its protocols remain notoriously tricky to use. A range of hazards and underlying risks prevent DeFi from reaching its true potential of open access…
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Why 2021 will be huge for ETH 2.0’s social layer

At the time of writing, ETH was trading at $552, with the cryptocurrency gaining by 6.2% over the previous 24 hours. In fact, the transaction fee for ETH had also risen alongside the rise in demand, r...
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Increases of 10% for Bitcoin and Ethereum

The beginning of the week is coloured by green with prices back close to the records set in the first days of last week. A rise led by Bitcoin and Ethereum.