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AZTEC Protocol complete MPC ceremony, will launch Ethereum private transaction contract this month

The Ceremony

AZTEC Protocol is pleased to announce the conclusion of the largest MPC setup in history.

With participation from across the globe, the ceremony provides the ultimate proof of non-collusion, and therefore the integrity of the AZTEC CRS

Run over the BN-254 curve, the AZTEC CRS comprises 100 million points, and will underpin technologies powering both privacy and scaling on Ethereum and other infrastructures.

The AZTEC CRS is an open-source asset for the Web3.0 community. We invite you to check its consistency for yourself.

Participants 📝 600 sign-ups ✅ 202 participants ran the software — of which 176 were valid 🌎 Participants from 105 cities across 41 countries 🕵️ 30 participants stayed incognito ⚙ 2 implementations of the MPC software 💼 Leaders from 6 major blue-chip financial / technology companies ♢ Leaders from 2 major blockchain infrastructures 🔒Leaders from 3 blockchain custody companies Time Stats 🕑 The public phase of the ceremony ran for 32 days ⌛ Average compute time was 3 hours 20 mins ⚡ Fastest compute time was Participant 105 from an undisclosed location in 13 mins 8 seconds Prize for Dedication

This goes jointly to:

Vitalik Buterin (Participant 0) for making his own Python implementation of the AZTEC MPC, and running it for two days TQ Tezos (in particular Michael Klein and Jacob Arluck). Running the ceremony on an air-gapped computer, they went to exceptional lengths to document the process, and destroyed their entropy in spectacular style: Top Cities

From the 105 cities that participated, 23 fielded more than one participant (30 participants did not disclose their whereabouts).

The 23 cities fielding > 1 participant Top Countries

From the 41 countries that participated, 21 fielded more than one participant

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