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Aventus Progress Update

Aventus Update

Hi Aventus community. We have been and will be making lots of progress over the next month, so we plan to update you every 2 weeks on what we have been doing and the results thereof.

The Bad: Token Sale Postponement, Crypto Volatility

Unfortunately, due to low investor sentiment caused by recent security vulnerabilities in both CoinDash and the Parity Multisig Wallet, and the crashing crypto market, we decided to postpone our token sale to the end of August. In hindsight, we think we made the right decision; after seeing the performance of other token sales and the feedback from our community, we feel as though the choice ultimately benefited all involved.

The Good: Strategic Development, Client Acquisition, and Alpha Performance Strategic Development

Recently, we announced our newest addition to the team, Andy Grant, as head of product. Andy has decades of experience building and scaling ticketing software infrastructure, and is the former CTO of TicketLogic and founder of Glue Works. Andy is a certified Scrum Master and Agile coach and has been instrumental in shaping our product strategy and route to market, especially with respect to organising the development team.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been building the leanest possible smart contract-based ticketing software with feedback from clients representing the different participant categories in the industry; venues, promoters, and artist managers. We will initially run our system in parallel with existing ticketing systems, and slowly make the switch over once the client in question is comfortable with our software.

Client Acquisition

Last week, we announced our first confirmed trial on Halloween this year as part of our partnership with Joy Records. This was really exciting for us; we cannot wait to show you guys a proper version of our product that will be used by thousands of people.

Behind the scenes, a fair bit has been ha...

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