Automate your DCA strategy with Mean.Finance

Automate your DCA strategy with Mean.Finance

Hello All - Mean.Finance is a great dapp that can amplify your DCA strategy - here's a How To with screenshots:

1) First choose your DCA strategy. For this example let's convert 15 DAI to WBTC, daily, for 15 days ($225 DAI total)

2) Go to and connect your wallet (ensure to use either Optimism, Polygon or Arbitrum for reduced tx fees)

3) Select "Create" along the top:

4) As stated in step (1), select DAI to sell, WBTC to receive, input the total $225 DAI (15*15=225), and then enter the period (15 days). Click continue:

5) Choose whether you'd like to your DAI and WBTC to earn yield (I would advise to untick this box, to reduce any risk), then click Create position and confirm the tx in your wallet:

6) After confirmation, click "Positions" along the top. Behold your newly created DCA position. At any time, clicking "Go to position" allows you to withdraw any and all DAI and/or WBTC in the contract. As you can see, the daily swap will execute 8 hours from position creation and, will execute at that time for the remaining days:

Hope this was helpful. If anyone has any info on smart contract audits conducted on Mean Finance, please post in comments and I'll include them in the post.