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Augur Weekly Report — May 22nd

Development Update

Last week, the team put the finishing touches on the latest sprint, Geriatric Garlic. During that time progress was made in creating the new v2 API layer, a UI was released with messaging to aid in understanding v2 , and some cleanups were made to the UI codebase. All this happened while the design team has been making progress on a new Market List view for v2 and simultaneously is researching and designing a new market creation flow.

This week, the team has moved onto the current sprint Heretical Honeydew. During this sprint, the design team will be continuing their work on Market Lists, Market Creation, and moving into re-designing the Reporting UIs for the v2 release. The over-arching goal is to have a functional trading UI on the v2 contracts, using the all-new v2 SDK, by the end of the sprint! With this complete, the UI and backend teams will begin integrating the UI and the v2 contracts — moving all current work toward v2 release.

Check out the current sprint on Github!

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