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Asure Foundation is a non-profit organization based on three main pillars: innovation, collaboration and research

Asure Foundation is a non-profit organization based on three main pillars: innovation, collaboration and research with a community of members involved in research and development for newly developed solutions created on the Asure network, blockchain, and platforms for designing blockchain solutions with social security systems and insurance in DAO mode. This foundation includes technology researchers and insurance experts. Asure Foundation is an integral component of our work, which makes it possible we coordinate interactions in various parts of the ecosystem Future Work This work presents a cohesive path toward the construction of the Asure network; however, we also consider this work to be a starting point for future research on decentralized social security systems. In this section, we identify and populate two categories of future work. This includes work that has been completed and merely awaits description and publication and open questions for improving the current protocols. On-going Work The following topics represent ongoing work. • Plasma MVP implementation. • Mobile Application (Android, iOS) • Decentralized social security system research. • Asure-in-Ethereum interface contracts and protocols. • A full implementable Asure protocol specification. Open Questions There are still some areas for improvement that can positively affect the performance of the network. They can be addressed later on after collecting enough statistic upon which can be decided the importance and the necessity of making changes: • A better solution for mass enter and exit strategies. • A secure solution for the data unavailability issue. • A more practical application of SNARK/STARK. • A better strategies for faster implementations of social security systems and new economic models. • A better primitive for the Proof-of-Stake Prove function, which is publiclyvariable and transparent. [](
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