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Artificial Intelligence and the Blockchain in job recruitment and employment

Artificial Intelligence and the Blockchain in job recruitment and employment

A few years ago, preparing a summary of one’s education and employment experience — a Resume — was just about making a list on a piece of paper and passing it along. Quite true that hiring never goes out of fashion, no matter the advancement in technology, but in the long run it seems to be at odds with the current hiring methodology. Hiring processes may have moved from manual to digital, but its efficiency hasn’t.

With the rise of internet literacy, there were drastic changes in the availability of manpower and its acquisition. Businesses scrabble to acquire the services of skilled professionals before their competitor did, resulting in a flourishing economy for freelancers. The escalation of the hiring system has resulted in an overnight boom for the industry — and so have the problems.

A hitch-free hiring process does require the right talent acquisition method, the help of right technology and support in today’s era where the market condition is unstable. This changing condition inspires tech innovators to develop the right solution to meet the recruitment needs and it no more becomes a monopoly for a few companies.

Blockchain in recruitment

These days Blockchain is one of the most sought after technologies, because of its inherent strength in providing accurate data. One cannot discuss upcoming technologies that will change the hiring system if Blockchain is not a part of it. With the emergence of the internet, information regarding job openings and finding a candidate became relatively easy, but securing a job or employing a person is not a bed of roses, because of fraudsters and agency bias, hence the need for a blockchain technology — a decentralized technology that can’t be controlled by a single entity.

Simply put, the system does not need a central authority or intermediaries as required in banks and credit card companies as every transac...

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