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Are any tokens really decentralized when exchanges ask for a percentage of the tokens in order to list? (unless you've got huge funds to pay up front).

I turned a hobby whitepaper i put together into an actual project i'm pushing forwards on. In order to do a good ICO/IEO we need to be listed on an exchange, and probably partner with one for the launch and to meet the regulatory requirements in different countries. Lots are interested, but all want a percentage of our tokens, i've been quoted anything from 8% to 60% of our tokens for listing. A large part of our purpose is to create a decentralized currency (i won't go into more as that'll probably be removed for shilling). While there is no-way (that i've found) to stop someone purchasing a huge sum of your tokens, i do want to do everything possible to try and keep it so no one person or group owns more than a single percent. (we keep voting separate from token ownership so people can't buy influence). Am i being too ideological? and are any tokens really decentralised economies when greedy exchanges and angel investors own significant percentages of them?
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Bullish. Bullish indeed.

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